Sunday, November 4, 2012

Letter C preschool projects...

 Cc is for costumes....
 Cc is for cookie color sort. Students used their cookies to sort by color. Great Assessment tool!

 Cc is for corn with candy corn.
Cc is for a spooky cat made out of recycled pizza cardboard! The students had a blast painting them!

Letter P preschool projects...

Pp is for pumpkins, parachutes, pirates and parties.  We made pumpkin lanterns with modge podge and orange tissue paper. A mom donated pumpkins for the class, so we decorated them with elmers glue, glitter and eyes.  The kids love it! Be careful where you display them though, rain will wash all the glitter off!  We had a Pp party where the students each brought in an item that started with a Pp such as pringles, popcorn, pop tarts, pudding, pickles... The kids went PAZERK in the pirate hats!

Letter S preschool crafts

We did a lot of stamping this week to practice AB patterns. We used the spider hands to put in their learning portfolio for the month of October.  We also created a short formative set of closed sentences for the kids to answer. Which will also go in their learning portfolio.  We asked questions like... My name is_____,  my favorite color is _____,  my favorite food is______, I like to play_____, I like school because_______, For Halloween I want to be a ____, my friends are ________ The answers came out so cute, we decided to start doing them monthly.