Sunday, July 21, 2013

Community Helpers

We spent two weeks learning about our community helpers.  We recycled boxes and transformed them into a rockets hip, fire truck, Mail box, Army Tank etc.  The kids loved painting them!

Earth Day FUN for Preschoolers

We celebrated Earth Day by creating our own Earth Mobile with a promise on how we can help keep the Earth clean.  We reused some boxes to make some colorful birdhouses for Spring.  

Preschool letter Kk activities

This week we made kites using our fine motor skills to  make AB pattern, koalas, practice cutting to make our k collage and hopped around the classroom looking for k's to put in our kangaroo pouch! They could play this game for hours.  It rained a lot this week... so we all brought flashlights to play I spy with my little eyes something that starts with k...point flashlights at the letter k. THEY LOVED IT!

Preschool letter Qq Activities

Qq was very hands on.  We painted a lot of Q-tip art, made our own fabric design for our quilts, practiced rubbing quarters and made queens out of our hands.  The queens were our favorite.  The students had to listen for a word that started with Qq.. if they heard a Q word like Quick they would hold their queen up.  GREAT LISTENING SKILL!

Learning Xx was a blast.  We had 3 different treasure hunts where X marks the spot.  The kids loved it! We used painters tape to paint Xxs and we made and X-ray out of Q-tips of our hands.  

We also did report assessments.  We had a pile of different objects and they had to pick up a picture and glue it under the corresponding shape.  It was very easy to see who could sort and categorize by shape (which is what we have been working on all quarter!) Their growth this quarter was amazing!