Friday, March 22, 2013

Letter Nn preschool crafts and projects, Spring is here..

This week we worked on the letter Nn. We built our very own Nests, necklaces, practice making numbers with Noodles, and celebrated the first day of spring by making Nine flowers.  We continued our cutting practice by making our Ruby Rhombus person. 

Letter L preschool activities, St. Patrick's Day Crafts

This week we introduced the letter Ll by making lions out of shapes, lucky shamrocks, and leprechauns.   We also made a rainbow with a pot of gold and had a GREEN vegetable and fruit party to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!  If you need any directions on how to make anything let me know!  I love to share!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Letter Y Preschool Projects and Dr. Seuss' birthday

Yy is for yarn, yo yo, yellow and yummy food!  We also celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by reading his books and eating GREEN eggs and ham this week.  We continue practicing our name everyday!  Writing has never been so much fun! We loved going outside and building our snowman with all the SNOW!

letter Oo Preschool Activities

Oo is for ostrich, otters, octopus, ovals and octagons.  The students' cutting skills are improving everyday!  We really had a lot of fun playing red light green light with our octagon and oval shapes we cut out and colored!  Especially since it has snowed all week... keeping us inside!  We continued our pattern practice by turning our octopus legs into a pattern.  

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Letter J Preschool Craft and Activities

We introduced letter Jj this week. We used water paint to create our jellyfish, counted jelly beans, sort then graphed them, color and cut out rectangle shapes for a hat and made Ricky Rectangle. We have practiced a lot of cutting and color activities to help our fine motor skills increase.  We loved adding  the Itsy Bitsy Letter Jj book to our book bags.

Letter U Preschool Crafts and Activities

Uu is for umbrellas, under the sea and upside down.  We focused on the trapezoid shape this week.  This week we read books about Ground Hogs Day. We made predictions about his shadow and made Ground Hog Puppets that could go underground.  

Letter H preschool activities

Hh is for hearts, helping hands, hot dogs, hippos and horses.  The students loved letter Hh. There were so many fun things going on this week.  We ended the week going on a field trip to Midwest Twisters! The students had a blast running, swinging and jumping!   

Letter Vv Preschool Crafts....

Vv is for volcanoes, vegetables, valentines and vans.  We learned and ate a  lot of different vegetables, we made our own volcanoes and erupted them with homemadeplay dough  vinegar and baking soda. We focused on our number sense with valentine stickers and ended the week with a Valentine's party.  We put our valentines in our vans and shared with our friends!  The kids had a blast this week!!!

Letter Dd Preschool Activities

Dd is for drums, dinosaurs, dots and dirt.  The kids had a blast this week making their own drums and parading around with them! We used metal coffee cans to decorate and drum. Unifix cubes gave us some great practice making AB patterns. We also celebrated Presidents Day by making a George Washington and Abe Lincoln to go along with our Chant! And yes, our igloo finally came down... I don't know if they had more fun with the igloo or playing with all the jugs once it tumbled down!e