Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Learning/Writing Portfolios

Here is a writing portfolio I am turning into a learning portfolio for my preschool.  Each page is labeled with a  month.  The first day of each month they do a piece of writing without any help from me.  It gets glued into their learning portfolio to give to the parents at the end of the year to keep.  I usually put a pencil di-cut on the front with their picture in it, but this year I think I am going to go with their hand print on the front with their picture inside it....  The very last page I make a collage of pictures of the students throughout the year.  I have glued pictures of each student each month to go with their writing piece in past years or you could glue in a drawing or project on the other side each month.  It's really up to you. At this age, they change so much and it is fun to capture it! Anyone wants the labels already made I have them!!!

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