Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Refurbished 1970's School Table! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our latest project was giving an 1970s school table a face lift. I went to Wal-Mart and got a basic black spray paint, then I opted to go for a hammered charcoal gray spray paint to give the table some texture and modern feel.
 The legs were silver so I covered them up with painters tape.  I liked the silver.  It looks great against the hammered spray paint I picked out.
 This is the table after I did my first coat with the black spray paint.  If I would have gotten enough of the glossy clear coat I would have just kept it a glossy black.
After 3-4 coats of spray paint and 2 coats of clear gloss finish... I got an amazingly modern table that looks great.  I couldn't wait to test out the seats I had just made for the students to sit on.  The table was 6 inches too high... so I borrow a manual metal saw (yes, a lot of work) and sawed off 6 inches to be just the right size. I filed them slightly to make sure no extra metal pieces were hanging on.  Then, I got help pulling out the bottom stops on the old legs (which was harder since they were square) and put some vegetable oil around them and slid them into the new shorten legs with a hammer.  You can't even tell I shorted the table legs.  It looks brand new! A modern work space any student, parent or teacher will enjoy!

Reusing old pieces and turning them into something functional is always the best way.  Sturdy and solid!

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